Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 2

  Still jet lagging, trying to survive.  We're gonna start this day by going backwards.  for dinner we cooked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.  We even had a seasoning that tasted like pappy's! good 'ol pappy's. just kidding, we'll tell you about what we really did.  The day started at 5 a.m. Who knew roosters crowed at night? Showers, breakfast and off to grace school.  We had a very warm welcoming at Grace Christian school starting with Murial the principal and followed by wonderful singing by the students which moved the girls to tears but they held back. Brian liked it too.  After speaking with the principal we were able to sit in on morning classes.  Each of us were sent to different grades ranging from R-3 because the older students were taking exams.   Then we had morning tea at 10 with the heads of each department whereby we had another heartfelt welcome.  We felt like it was the happiest anyone has ever been that we were around.  We returned to the classes until noon and they served us an authentic south african meal of some mysterious meat (which we were all skeptical of) salad, rice and veggies. mmm yummm!  We were hoping to do sports with the kids but it was raining cats and dogs all day.  Perhaps you could pray for the weather to clear up.  We plan on being back at the school tomorrow and in the evening we were invited to go to a funeral of Pastor Hendricks Dad.  More details to come about the funeral.  Keep the leadership here in your prayers because there is a lot of spiritual warfare going on with the leadership of the seminary that is being built.  We'll write more this weekend about the school and funeral and any other surprises that come along. alright, goodnight. we'll write again soon. 
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