Wednesday, June 10, 2009

JET LAG!!! wild animals and much much more!

We finally made it! after 5 bajillion hours of flying and no sleep we successfully arrived at our destination at 22:00 hours whereby we immediately did not take showers and went straight to bed.  let us tell you about our trip to our new house.  the drive home was very eventful, full of wrong turns, no headlights, and wild animals. correction, wild animals meaning one cotton tail rabbit, one doe, several cows and later on many goats including much roadkill.  (side note, as i am typing, it is raining).  
Day 1: we wake up and take nice hot showers (julianne took a cold shower because she couldn't figure out the water, it's opposite.  red is cold and blue is hot) then we went grocery shopping at the superspar. (side note adrienne thought we were going to the spa, miscommunication with accents).  Katie had to remind brian to drive on the left side of the road, avoiding very imminent death.  after we were done shopping we visited the local KFC.  we also made our first purchases along the side of the road: apples, oranges, onions, and a BIG sack of potatoes (5o Rand).  by the way we've had many spiders the size of adrienne's palm and brians job is to kill them or else very imminent death. as you can see it is very dangerous here.  next on the list: making dinner.  so we're leaving now, until next time... 
Typed by: Brian
Dictated by: Adrienne and JuliAnne
Edited by: Katie


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  2. Thank you for sharing and letting us know that you're safe. We're so glad! We miss you already and want you to keep being safe. Stay away from spiders even ones that are smaller than Adrienne's palm. Love you!

  3. sp-sp-spiders...(forgetting everything else that has been said) the size of your palm...(shuddering)!

    OK, ok, am praying for you (trying not to think about spiders...). God bless you all and keep us posted when you can.

  4. Loved the update. I'm thinking that Adrienne is pretty experienced with spiders by now. When Brian's absent I think Adrienne should be the official "spider whisperer".

  5. How are you all doing? hoping you have a great Friday!
    Dawn (marie on the blog)