Monday, June 15, 2009

YiKEssssss!!!! Spiders, oh my!!!

Ladies and gents, we are in desperate need of your prayers! We are currently under attack, the spiders which were at first few and far between have now completely invaded our home (yikes!). As I am writing to you Brian is currently on the hunt for the most gigantic spider I have ever seen in my entire life, oh by the way this is Katie writing to you. While Adrienne was brushing her teeth this evening she happened to spot this horrid creature and it sent her running and screaming down the hallway, into the dining room where the rest of us were. As I went down the hallway to inspect the unwanted creature I discovered another one on the wall in Brians room....ewwww!!! So as I screamed and ran back down the hallway into the dining room I saw yet another baby spider on the wall of our bathroom! Please, oh please, pray for us. At this moment the mamma spider that was in the girls room has been killed, the baby in the bathroom has disappeared, and after much screaming, yelling, jumping up and down and 'oh my god, here it comes!!', and Brians room looking like a tornado just had it's way with it the daddy spider is dead. Unfortunately, Brian is afraid that the one he killed in his room might not of been the first one he saw on the wall. I feel it necessary to mention to you that these spiders are not ordinary spiders, this particular daddy spider was much larger than the previous ones that would fit in the palm of Adriennes hand, this big daddy was a giant! As proof, we will provide you with pictures, one alive, one dead, and one of Brians disheveled room.   

P.S.   the big daddy is officially dead, as well as his younger brother, Fred 


  1. All I have to say is that it's a good thing you took a boy with you.

  2. So... do we know what kind of spiders these are, i.e., are they venomous? OK, well so much for joining in one one of these trips...

    I can handle snakes, lizards, worms, mice and rats even. Cannot manage spiders, though. You have my earnest prayers.