Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Two weeks ago we went to Krugersdorp Game Reserve and had a true African safari adventure. Our first encounter was with the pride of Africa, one male lion and four female lionesses sitting calmly under the trees, chewing on what looked like a fresh leg of a zebra. The rest of the day was filled with birds, giraffes, zebras, etc. Exciting animals! 

The past couple of weeks have been full of sports activities, teaching the kids baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc. They were so excited to receive the gifts of equipment that you donated and were overwhelmed by your generosity. This past Thursday was competition day for all sports. We were able to get a regular baseball game going, home runs, pop flys, bloody noses and the works. The kids had a blast!

Saturday we attended the youth camp. After driving for about three hours we finally found our destination and spent the remainder of the day visiting with youth and playing games. In the evening we attended a service where both church choirs performed with a few solos and testimonies. The teaching was done by the fiancee of Pastor Hendricks daughter, Leah. 

This week ten students chosen by the principal have been introducing us to their cultures. Yesterday Brian was able to catch, slaughter, pluck, and cook a chicken (he loved it). The girls tended to the fire, made pop (a staple food for Africans), and choppped veggies. We saw their garden and tried on the African attire for a woman of the Ndebele tribe (Ndebele is the most well known clan in this particular part of South Africa).

Today we visited the Sangomas house, which is considered to be a traditional doctor, where healing comes from bone reading (this was the home of one of the students accompanying us this week). The girls cooked the meal and Brian got to try and kill a bird with a sling shot, it didn't go so well:(

Hopefully we'll be able to write more later, until then thank you for your prayers and good night. 

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