Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An supurb day for blogging

Dear faithful readers, friends, grannys and grans,
We have had a very busy day. The morning started off with Brian and JuliAnne organizing all the sports equipment...I was just notified that it was mostly BRian who did the organizing, and soon after they went into the street to play catch in hopes of "catching" some children (to join the games).  The plot was successful, soon after 3 girls showed up, we cannot write their names, not for security purposes, but because we do not know how.  A short time brought a pack of boys, and we had enough mitts to go around.  They caught on quickly to catch, and some of them played with the soccerball. 
Around half past 12, closer to 1 actually, we went to the church where the youth had gathered for "Youth Day" (Look it up, it is a national holiday, very important to the blacks in this culture). It was also combined with a birthday party for all the JJ's (Jan-June birthdays). We had a lot of fun hanging out with the young people, 15-30 year olds, and took lots of great pictures.
After that, we went to the school where we were invited to meet with the school board, Pastor Hendrick and share a meal.  We learned about each member's job, and we got to share our own thoughts of Africa and our experience. (We all just now swallowed our malaria pills) At the meeting we got to hear a little of Pastor Hendrick's heart for this country and the million projects he is involved with...Seriously, I (Adrienne) cannot wait to share with you all about this man's incredible vision and perseverance. 
Between appointments we did our personnel chores and JuliAnne and Katie played keep-a-way from Brian.. Guess who won (Brian Flora knows the answer)?
We were invited to have dinner at our new friend's house, Pastor Cletus and Diana's house. They have always been extremely friendly and we were really happy to be able to spend some quality  time with them. We have adopted them as our African Family, their daughter Talent, is in the youth group we will be attending.  We stayed for quite a while and Cletus proved to be an extremely wise and hope-filled man.  Here is a prayer request:  They are displaced from Zimbabwe (look up "why" in the news) and are waiting to go back, they are waiting for funds to build a house there. The most needed material right now is the cement for foundation, approx. $500, I wish I could hand it over right now, we have never met a more deserving family.  
Tomorrow we are being taken to see the different Hope for Africa churches by Pastor Hendrick and Carol.  So we will now depart and go to sleep. Write to us and tell us how you are all doing!
With love, 
Your South Africa Team

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  1. Hey from the Payne Murphy crew. We MISS you!! We are very proud of you! But want you back here NOW!!! Be safe and dont forget Jens monkey and water bottle. Oh and btw your mate is havin a girl. FYI Daniel said be careful with the spiders. XOXO